melissa and seth in thailand

The world is too big to stay still for too long.

An Alaskan named Melissa and a Washingtonian named Seth crossed paths in Arizona many moons ago. They’ve been wandering the globe together ever since.

Real Big World was born from the life-changing impact of travel. Seth and I have covered a lot of ground together and as individuals — visiting dozens of countries and meeting countless wonderful people along the way. Through luck, research, and an international community of friends, we’ve managed to discover some really special experiences, which we’re working to share with like-minded wanderers here.

With increasing globalization, it’s becoming harder and harder to suss out the unique proclivities of a place. Well-worn tourism itineraries may offer some classic sights, but more often disappoint the adventurers looking for a real taste of local culture. As the travel arm of Real Big Words, we aim to deliver high-quality and inspiring content that focuses on authenticity.

Whenever and wherever your next adventure may be, we encourage you to tread off the beaten path and see what unexpected delights you can uncover! Perhaps you’ll even feel inclined to send us your tips — we welcome guest submissions at [email protected].